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Financial calendar


The following dates are provisionally fixed. They may be changed or amended during the course of the year.    

Financial Calendar 2020



30 January 2020

Start of Quiet Period

06 February 2020

Preliminary Results 2019

18 March 2020

Annual Report 2019, Conference Call

30 April 2020

Start of Quiet Period

14 May 2020

First Quarter Report, Conference Call

08 June 2020

Record Date Annual General Meeting

18 June 2020

Annual General Meeting

25 June 2020

Ex-Dividend Date

26 June 2020

Record Date Dividends

29 June 2020

Dividend Payment Date

28 July 2020

Start of Quiet Period

11 August 2020

Semi-Annual Report, Conference Call

29 October 2020

Start of Quiet Period

12 November 2020

Third Quarter Report, Conference Call


*Quiet Period: During this period we do not hold investor or analyst meetings.


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